Friday, December 10, 2010

Remember Me Right

The aim of this post is not to be depressing in any way--she would have hated that.
About a year ago, a friend of mine, Anne G (that isn't her full name, obviously because no one's last name is the letter 'G,' but she went by AnneG/Angie because she needed a name as awesome as her), died.
Seriously, just feel bad that you didn't know her.
Just briefly, a little bit about her... She was the type of person who you either loved or hated, and she really didn't care which one it was. She told everyone that she had Tourette's, thinking that it would give her license to say whatever she wanted. Yes, I know that's horrible (but also kinda funny, admit it). She had no filter and would always tell you exactly what she was thinking. If she didn't like you, she told you.
She was a lesbian and Mormon. She knew she was gay when she was in elementary school and immediately just went with it. When she was about 19, shortly after nearly assaulting some LDS missionaries, she converted to Mormonism (yeah, no one really understood why she converted). Interestingly enough, her parents completely embraced her as a lesbian, but essentially disowned her when she was baptized into the LDS Church.
And she was the first person I came out to (which I sometimes forget, not in a mean way, but in a "I don't like to think about sad things" way). And the fact that I have never met anyone more completely at peace with who they are than her, has helped me in learning to accept myself for who I am.

Anywho, I just wanted to remember her the way she would want to be remembered (and in the way I would want to be remembered too...)--with her favorite women.

Amy Sedaris
AnneG was all about personality... as in she liked people who have almost too much personality. Off-the-wall people who aren't afraid to be who they are.
So, this isn't the Amy Sedaris she liked:
This is:
The crass, crude, awkward, but hilarious Amy Sedaris.
In case you have no idea who Amy Sedaris is, she's the sister of David Sedaris (if you don't know who David Sedaris, go out and buy Me Talk Pretty One Day right now... and thank me later). She's the star of the show Strangers With Candy and has written some very... interesting craft books.

Lady Gaga
And I quote: "If Lady Gaga really did have a penis, I'd go straight for her."

Angie Harmon
Besides pretty much having the same name, AnneG, like me, loved that Angie is a Republican.
In fact, it was AnneG who introduced me to the wonders of Angie Harmon.

Caroline Dhavernas
She actually only liked her when Caroline spoke French (Caroline Dhavernas is French-Canadian), which I totally don't get because sassy Jaye on Wonderfalls? So in love with her since I was "straight."
P.S. Caroline Dhavernas is totally going to be on Shonda's new show, Off the Map. And she is the main reason I want to watch.

Lauren Graham
AnneG actually hated Gilmore Girls. Quote: "Alexis Bledel's face makes me doubt whether or not there is a God. And if Rory Gilmore were my daughter, I would smother her in her sleep with a pillow."
But she loved every single one of Lauren Graham's interviews on Ellen, Letterman, etc. And quoted them... often.

Winona Ryder
AnneG's love of Winona is like my love of Martha Stewart. I love Martha even more because she went to jail (and was a total lady about it). AnneG loved Winona even more after she shoplifted.

Laurel Holloman
AnneG actually couldn't stand Laurel or Tina, but... Quote: "If that's your face, you can be as annoying as you want."
P.S. When did Laurel get that skinny? But look at those legs... Wowzers.


Anne said...

AnneG (who btw, has the same first name I do) sounds like someone I would have loved to meet. I too love Angie, and Lauren Graham's interviews.

She sounds awesome, and I'm so sorry she's gone :(

MormonLesbian said...

She was super awesome. And actually her whole first name was Annalynne :)

Anonymous said...

She sounds like she's as awesome as you are. And you are my twin so you are major awesome. :D

nicole said...

aww that's so sweet that you wrote a post about her, she sounds awesome :) i'm sorry she's gone..
i knew a girl like that but she was straight and black and could seriously beat the shit out of you...anyways you're an awesome friend for doing this :)

paul said...

I will watch strangers with candy season 3. i like to quote that show. but then i just look like a jackass because nobody watches it in utah/ like jokes about butts. and sex. and buttsex.