Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mane Attraction, Part V

Famke Janssen
Okay, I think this woman is freakin' gorgeous, regardless of hair color.
And I thought she was slammin' as a "redhead" as Jean Grey in X-Men.

Hilary Duff
Oh, Hilary Duff... I have a story about Hilary Duff that may make you like her a little more, if you currently don't like her. My friend (who I just came out to... Yay, me!) met Hilary Duff a few years back and she did not like her. At all. So, she went up to Hilary and said, "You are a terrible singer. You shouldn't do it." And Hilary responded, "I know. But I really like doing it and I'm just glad I have the opportunity to do it." That's pretty awesome. Someone goes up to your face and insults you, and you take it like a pro... And now my friend is fan of her!
Anywho, personally, I think the middle picture is as dark as she should go...

Julie Benz
She's always hot, but I definitely, definitely prefer her as a blonde.

(I really like the bottom picture of her as a brunette)

Olivia Wilde
Yes, she is a natural blonde; however, I think she should always be a brunette... personally...

Reese Witherspoon
Okay, this picture does not do her brunette look justice... Did you see Walk the Line? So hot as a brunette. But I do like both :D

Sasha Alexander
Usually I am so Team Maura, but Kate Todd's face in these screencaps...Wow.


Doom Kitteh said...

Ok! Let's try this again...

The Hilary Duff thing, kind of bad ass of her... and it does make me like her a little more lol.

Olivia Wilde, oh dear Olivia... I love sending sexy pictures of her to a friend because it's "torture" for her xD

Although gorgeous as a brunette she looks pretty sexy there as a blond, but the dark hair is definitely preferable.

MormonLesbian said...

Yeah, the blonde is VERY nice, but the brunette... ridic.

nicole said...

Famke Janessen was...wait that's her name? 0_o..anyway she was super hot as a redhead in X-men :)

and btw, loved what you did with the Hilary Duff pics, going from light to dark, awesome idea :) and that story does make me like her a little bit more lol

Julie Benz... ... :) yeah i like her better as a blonde.
i like both blonde and brunette for Olivia though :) well she's just super hot all around!! :D

Reese Witherspoon was AMAZING in Walk the Line! my favorite scene was when June Carter was writing Ring of Fire :D

and of course, Sasha is amazing as always :) at this point i like both the Kate Todd and Maura Isles look equally.

MormonLesbian said...

Yeah, I was all about the Maura look for the longest time. But watching NCIS... I definitely approve of both. Sasha's just always hot :D

Anonymous said...

I love X-Men. And that is all I have to say on this one.

Kiley said...

I love Famke Janssen!

Anonymous said...

I love Famke Janssen for several reasons. She is Dutch and famous world-wide which is awesome because us dutch people are not that well-known in general. And also, she has the same last name as me. So I can pretend I'm related to her. And well, did you see Xmen?! She kicks ass! That's my little rant done.
I love Hilary Duff as well, both blonde and brunette.
I'm totally Team Maura, but I love Kate Todd as well, lol.