Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's Sunday!

Monday, December 6
*Kyra Sedgwick will be on The View
(P.S. The Closer is also back for a couple of Winter episodes!)
*Alyssa Milano will be on Regis & Kelly (Seriously, is she doing things now? Has she done stuff since Charmed?)
*Lucy Liu will be on Craig Ferguson. (And on December 7, she'll be on Chelsea Lately. And on December 9, she'll be on Regis & Kelly)
*It's Lindsay Price's birthday!
(She was on Lipstick Jungle and on the short-lived TV remake of Eastwick. Which who cares... She's just hot.)
*It's also @Warrior__Queen's birthday! Twin, Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, December 7
*Portia de Rossi will be on The View. (She's a lesbian, so watch it!)
*It's Jennifer Carpenter's birthday! I love her as the potty mouth Debra Morgan on Dexter!

Thursday, December 9
*Halle Berry will be on Leno.
*Marg Helgenberger will be on The Talk.
*It's Felicity Huffman's birthday!

Friday, December 10
*Cat Cora will be on The Talk (She's a lesbian, so watch it!)


nicole said...

great pics of Kyra Sedgwick and Marg Helgenberger :)
"she's a lesbian so watch it" are good words to live by lol

paul said...

Whoa cat cora looks really good when her hair isn't up. other than the fact she is holding a skillet full of ?giant bell peppers? that picture is really great.

MormonLesbian said...

Yeah, looks like bell peppers (ew). All I know is that Cat Cora is a skilletful of hotness (I really wanted to say that...)

And hey, you gotta support our gays! (Okay, any pics of Marg Helgenberger now make me laugh... And you saying it's a 'great pic' of her... also makes me laugh. I mean, it is a great pic of her. That's why I picked it.)