Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Kate Todd's "One Shot, One Kill"

First off, Happy Birthday, @neggett! !!!

And now, this week's Kate Todd/NCIS cap.

*A marine is recruiting at the video arcade, and then goes back to the recruiting office and is SHOT!
*Tony needs a knife, which Gibbs immediately hands him.
Gibbs and Kate in unison: Never go anywhere without a knife.
Yep, they are so in love that they finish each other's... sandwiches.

*Tony: Did you ever play with one of these as a kid?
Kate: Do I look like the doll type, Tony?
Tony: Eh, maybe if you smiled more and did something with your hair.
Yeah, she's smiling and her hair's done, but I don't look at this picture and think about a girl playing with dolls... just sayin'

*The dude from Bones is judging Team NCIS’s techniques.
Tony and Kate’s Faces: Who is this guy...

*Guy from Bones: That’s not how they did it on CSI.
Kate: You really need to get off the couch more, Karl.
And she says it with a smile, which makes it seem like she didn’t just insult you. Well, at least it makes you totally not care if she insulted you or not.

*So, Nikki and I discussed whether or not I should post this next set of screencaps and whether I should mention the obvious...
"There is no way in hell I am taking this off. I'm already running twenty-six miles with a camel toe." (Side Note: The Rizzles reference was ALL Nikki. She's brilliant like that.)
I decided I had to post it, but I do feel a little... awkward doing so...

And Karl, like the rest of us, is transfixed by her ass.

*Kate Todd is going through years worth of files and information on Marine recruits.

*Apparently, the bullet that shot the Marine recruiter, ended up in a box of baby dolls...
Yes, this image reminded me of that one episode of 30 Rock where Jenna had a stalker... (Anna Howard Shaw Day)
But I really just posted this for my husband and our shared experience of being creeped out/entertained by the most horrifying CraigsList ad ever (seriously, horrifying). So, this is for you, honey!

*Kate: Relax your hand or you’re never going to get it into your mouth
Tony: I’m trying, but this thing’s too damn slippery.
Kate: You’re never gonna impress a girl that way.
(First, I loved the suggestiveness of this bit of dialogue...)
I love how Sasha eats Chinese food...

Tony: No one likes a show-off
Are you kidding me? That's how you impress a girl...

*Kate Todd makes doing paperwork look hot...

*Another dead recruiter! So, NCIS goes down to the scene. This dude was killed in a different state, so the FBI wants it.
Team NCIS works together to pull one over on the FBI

*I just really like this screencap...

*Later, Tony and Kate are looking for a feather in the second recruiter office.
Tony complains about having to inspect the floor. Kate offers to trade. No, she insists.
Let's just look at Kate's reaction to the cockroaches compared to Tony's... That's why Kate is awesome.

*Gibbs is measuring Kate in her uniform. I'm gonna argue that there was some gratuitous touching here.

*Tony: What’s the point of setting a trap if he knows about it?
Kibbs's faces: Yeah, I don't know how to deal with this idiot either...

*Kibbs looks good in uniform! Although I am a sucker for a girl in uniform... of pretty much any sort.

*Gibbs unzips Kate...
...And checks out her chest.
I approve. And I don't blame him. They're good boobs!

*Tony: What was it like being a superior officer?
Kate: You mean, did I get to boss him around? Make him salute me? Call me ‘ma’am’? It was great.
(Umm, should you really be talking about sex in the workplace, Kate? I mean, of course I'm not complaining... It's just not exactly appropriate.)
Tony: You’re lying.
Kate: Am I?

*Kate dances away

And now for a little hilarity/fantasticness (Well, at least Nikki and I think they're hilarious and fantastic... And it's her birthday, so you better agree... :D)
Angie Harmon on the runway:
I'm sorry, we think Angie looks a little terrifying in this photo. The hair... The makeup... The terrible outfit... I mean, I'm not complaining about looking at Angie's body. Eff no. Butt... I'm so distracted by the outfit.

Click this screencap to enlarge it (and click it again in the new window to get the full effect), seriously. Yes, we've seen it before; however, I failed to make mention of Jett Jackson's face in the background...

And let's examine this lovely photo of Marg and Jorja. Don't they look gorgey in this? Click it to enlarge, then click it again in the new window. And look at the lady on the left...

Happy Birthday, Nikki! Stay awesome!


nicole said...

I LOVE IT :D there were SO MANY awesome things i literally don't know where to start :D
first of all this is the coolest thing anyone has done for me :) you are totally amazing for doing this!!

first awesome thing: the happy b-day mention :D
second awesome thing: "and is SHOT!" lolz :)
3rd awesome thing: the bed hair photo <3
4th: my second mention and "She's brilliant like that" why thank you ;)
5th: hehe...camel toe...ew... ... hehe hehe
6th: YOUR SCREENCAPS :D i haven't clicked on SO many in any of your posts (and yes, that's suppose to be a compliment)
7th: the Maura/Kate screencap :)
8th: the line "they're good boobs!" and "Umm, should you really be talking about sex in the workplace, Kate? I mean, of course I'm not complaining... It's just not exactly appropriate." because that's what i totally thought :D
9th: the hilarity/fantasticness and the fact that i didn't know what 'fantasticness' was the first time i read it...
10th and finale awesome things: ANOTHER mention :D i WILL stay awesome :D and you should do the same!!!
thanks again! this was the coolest b-day gift by far!! :D and a pretty awesome post :)
thank you <3

MormonLesbian said...

Yay! I'm glad you loved it! And I am totally amazing, aren't I? ;) hahaha

And I like how the camel toe was one of your favorite things... hee hee.

P.S. My mom didn't think the lady was that funny. And then I tried to explain how she is so funny...

Doom Kitteh said...

Fuck those dolls, creepy ass screenshots ftl! ... lmao >_>;

Jet Jackson's face... lmao he gets caught in the funniest ones! Like in the finale in the slow-mo.. rofl oioi

Sasha in uniform ftw.

Anne said...

I love your recaps and this one was awesome. I also loved what Abby did with the dolls in her lab. That made me lol so hard.

Meanwhile, you so know that Kate and Gibbs indulged in a little roleplay session in those uniforms.