Thursday, December 16, 2010

Angie Harmon as "The Other Woman"

This is a very Angie week.
1. In case you missed the global fangirl freak-out... Yes, Angie Harmon is now on Twitter (@Angie_Harmon).
2. I had my Angie Appreciation Post.
3. I had my last pizza/Rizzles night with my best friend/roomie and our other friend. And our friend, straight as can be (seriously), is in love with Angie Harmon. So, watching Rizzles, all I hear is, "I want Angie's head." "I want her face shape." "I want Jane's clothes" (she's all about the Jane Rizzoli/Diane Keaton/Katharine Hepburn style... it's awesome). "I want Angie's body after I have children" (not in THAT way... Like the way I want Angie's body...).
4. My friend/former roommate is in North Carolina right now as a Mormon missionary. So, I wrote her to ask her to hunt down Angie Harmon (since she just moved to Charlotte). Not to convert her, just to like attack her and hug her for me, haha.

And I'm so not sick of her. Sooo, in an effort to procrastinate for my final final (hee hee), I decided to watch/screencap Angie's episode of Samantha Who?

In case you didn't follow the show: Samantha (Christina Applegate) was hit by a car, sat in a coma for awhile, woke up, and now lives with retrograde amnesia. Occasionally, she does get flashbacks from her life before the accident. Essentially, she was a terrible person, but now she's nice, adorable, and awesome. She briefly dates some billionaire, Winston Funk, whom she slept with pre-accident whilst he was married. And we find out in this episode that he was married to... Gigi (Angie Harmon).

*So, I'm watching the episode and thinking, "Christina Applegate is adorable/hot!"
Funk is trying to woo Samantha back to him. Because, shoot... Look at her in that dress!

*Then... on walks Angie.
I was just on my bed, minding my own business... waiting for Angie...
Yep, totally sat straight up and swore, "Holy sh..."
Samantha: You left her for me? Are you crazy?
No offense to Chapplegate (because she's gorgeous and wonderful), but dude! ARE YOU CRAZY?

*I'm sure she's talking, but "I can't look and listen at the same time. I'm not some kind of robot from the future" (If you know where that quote's from, we should be friends).
Buuut, I do miss her scratchy, gorgey, sexy, husky voice... What is this voice she's using? Angie! Play the hot, hot, HOT hand you've been dealt!

*Funk goes off to get wine? Shoot, I don't even know... So, Angie, I mean... GIGI confronts Samantha and calls her out as the whore that ruined her marriage. (Yes, Angie used the word 'whore.' All with a smile on her face...)

*Samantha and Gigi go to sit down and talk. Angie Harmon has the most amazing facial expressions.

*Samantha reveals that she's no longer a "Slutly Slutenstein," but is now adorable and nice.Gigi: Dammit!
She really wanted to hate Samantha, but who could resist that face?

*So, Gigi asks Samantha to help her get Funk back. And who could resist that face?

*Jennifer Esposito... The whole reason I watched this show... (well, her and Jean Smart...) And that was back when I was "straight"... P.S. She is supposed to look like a crazy person right now...

*So, Samantha tried to set Funk back up with Gigi, but somehow she ended up kissing him. Hey, it happens...
Gigi drops by Samantha's apartment (creepy, but anyway...) and asks her how it went.
Of course, Samantha lies and said it went well and totally in Gigi's favor (the woman knows where she lives!)

*Then... flashback! We finally find out who ran over Samantha and caused her to lose her memory!!!

*Gigi is freaking out and feeling vulnerable because Funk hasn't called her.
(Note how she's playing with ring... Like Maura and her father do!!!)

*Another Maura Similarity (that @neggett spotted and told me about because she's awesome like that):
The silver jackets!!! Vair similar.

*And Samantha accidentally backs up over Gigi...

*So, Gigi's in the hospital. And Samantha goes to visit her... You know, to suck up to her so she doesn't press charges.
Funk also shows up and Gigi finds out that Funk really does want Samantha.
Gigi's Face: Wait... What? You don't want me?
Gig's Face: You want HER?!
Seriously, Gigi... Even though you're a crazy person, you're also crazy hot. Call me.

*Gigi says that Samantha ran her over. Samantha says Gigi ran her over first. Gigi accuses her of not really having amnesia... Lots o' drama, well, you know... for a sitcom...
Funk, being a very smart man, flees the room.

*Gigi threatens Samantha that she better watch her back.
With the creepy, cool calm of a serial killer... (Think Glass House)


nicole said...

love it!! it was totally awesome :D
and when i saw my mention i literally went "yessssss" *fist in the air*

MormonLesbian said...

Shoot, I'm not going to take credit for your awesomeness!

Doom Kitteh said...

"1. In case you missed the global fangirl freak-out... Yes, Angie Harmon is now on Twitter (@Angie_Harmon)."

Oh god yes lmao Watching that unfold was hilarious XD

And holy mother of pearls.. Angie is friggin sexy as hell in green @_@

MormonLesbian said...

Yes! She should always wear green...

Me said...

Totally irrelevant, but it's amazing.

Oh, and your blog is amazing.

Anne said...

Honestly, I only watched this for Angie, but I was like OMG freakin hell sexydamn when I saw her.

She was awesome in this - but I agree, I missed her voice.

Anonymous said...

this goes without saying but angie harmon has amazing cleavage. don't you just want to bury your face in it. lol

MormonLesbian said...

Hahahah, oh my gosh, yes!