Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm Your Boogie Man

First things first, Sasha Alexander's acting was brilliant in this episode. Now back to your regularly scheduled recap... (Reminder: Click the pictures to see the full-size image!)

*Hello Angie without a bra!

*Gasp! Someone's watching Rizzoli from the bushes. Oh, right... that would be me. Guilty.

*Oh, Maura knows ALL about whether or not Jane got a good night's sleep or not... But seriously, I think their intuition about each other goes beyond just good detective (or medical examiner) work.

*Jane's nightmare of "I dreamed I showed up to work in my underwear" is apparently Maura's fantasy. C'mon, this is her reaction:

Yep, that would be wide-eyed delight.

*Cut from crime scene to Jane at the bar with her brother, Frankie. Silly Jane! Women don't have lives outside of their husbands! Women don't get to make choices about their lives. (Sorry, it's the Mormon thing...)

*And Jane flirts with the new waitress girl... (And on the next episode of Rizzoli & Isles, Jane and her brother go out cruising for women together. I wish.)

Back in the "real world," the waitress goes for Frankie.

*Okay, seriously... Only Sasha Alexander can pull off looking cute dressed like this. Holding a human heart, no less.

Well, it works for me...

*Jane is, once again, scared to be alone. Um, of course Maura will stay with you, Jane. Have you not been watching the show? Sheesh.

*Maura wants to show Jane that she can protect her just as good (if not better) as any man.

Aren't her eyes just begging, "Please, Jane. Teach me how to shoot a gun." So adorable. And of course, Jane can't resist (I mean, hello, could you?)

*Really, I could do a whole post filled with screencaps and commentary on how sexy Jane teaching Maura how to shoot was.

My favorite part:
"You look good."

I can't decide if this look says, "Aw shucks," or "Damn straight!"

*"Do I look badass?"

"Yeah, you look like a badass."
Correction: We've seen Maura's ass... it is definitely NOT bad.

*Maura pretending her fingers are Jane's lips...

Right, Maura. You aren't bossy...

*Back at work... "It's very distracting to work in a wrinkled dress." Just say what you mean Maura! Just tell Jane that you except to be able to keep some clothes at her place for sleepovers. Although I don't know why she doesn't already keep some clothes at Jane's house. She's ALWAYS over there.
Anyways, Jane tells her to go home and change. And best Rizzles line of the show: "No, I'm not leaving you."

*Damn you, Billy Burke! Nobody wants you here.
Jane is thinking: Yeah, I'll get coffee with you. But let me look over my shoulder to check and see if it's okay with my girlfriend.
Like Maura Isles would ever be threatened by you... HA!
*"Hello, Mr. Hoyt. Stay the f--k away from my girlfriend."

*Hoyt compares Isles to him. And Maura being the sensitive femme, takes it personally. Jane, of course, tries to get Maura alone. "Yeah, Billy? Do you think you can leave? No one (and I really mean no one) wants you here."
--Insert Tender Moment Here--

*Best line:
Korsak to Isles: "Jane's right, you are one impressive chick." Of course Jane is always talking about Maura.

*Moral of the Episode: A girl that doesn't reciprocate Jane Rizzoli's flirting is obviously evil.
And she's a homophobe, too. Lola to Jane: "It's not the kind of relationship someone like you could understand."

*Worst Part of the Episode: No Maura/Jane Ending. And don't get me started about the kiss... *eye roll*
But who wants to end on that note?


Monday, August 30, 2010

New Housewife on The Lane

This is not my Rizzoli & Isles recap. I'm still anxiously waiting for the episode. However, I did just see the new Desperate Housewives promo with Vanessa Williams (Ugly Betty) and I just had to blog about it. I've been in love with her since she became the first African-American Miss America and then was dethroned due to to her scandalously sexy Penthouse photos (Okay, I wasn't born yet, but still). I had been devastated that Dana Delany left the show, but I'm thrilled to see Vanessa Williams.

Watching the promo, I just thought, "I really don't know why more lesbians watch this show." Sure, the content isn't exactly packed with fun lesbian subtext like Rizzoli & Isles (Although there was some femslash written about Marcia Cross and Dana Delany's characters... And the whole lesbian subplot). But a lot of lesbians (alright, a few) watched The Real L Word and that is just trashy content. Desperate Housewives has the eye candy without the attention whorey/just plain whorey women.

For example:

And that's just from the new Season 7 promo.
On top of that, there's:

And, well, after watching the promo without as much of my favorite redhead as I wanted, I had to watch some Mott's commercials.

So, if these four gorgeous women aren't enough... Meet the new housewife:


(In Emmys news, Jane Lynch won !!! and thanked her wife! So cute. Emmys just proved that gays run everything and, as a result, TV is awesome!)

RIZZLES: I will be recapping tomorrow's episode. But it won't be up 'til Tuesday afternoon (I need a little time to watch, analyze, and steal screencaps). I am in school so I am devoting at least some of my time to my studies (My studies outside of entertainment, lesbians, and hot women).

Twitter is a magical invention. I have a friend that says that Myspace is to stalk little teenage girls, Facebook is to stalk your friends, and Twitter is to stalk celebrities. That is all true.
Two of the celebrities I stalk are Chely Wright and Kristin Chenoweth. Both are gorgeous, brilliantly talented, and amazing women. Having been a Republican, I listened to country music a lot as a kid (I actually still listen to it). And I love musical theater.

The tweets between these two are... adorable (And don't even get me started on Chely/Sarah Paulson, another woman I love). All they do is compliment each others music and memoirs. They've been doing that since Chely came out this year and Kristin voiced her support. This is a recent exchange between the two.

@KChenoweth: "Wrightoweth is Chely and mines name? I love it!!!! What about chenowright?"
@ChelyWright: "K, I like Chenowright the best. Let's go with that. xo c"
@KChenoweth: "Chenowright forever"

So precious. Although seriously, isn't the name combination thing something couples do? Brangelina, TomKat... Rizzles ;)
If Kristin Chenoweth weren't straight, I'd totally endorse them as a couple. And that's saying something because Chely Wright is my wife and she just doesn't know it.

Seriously? Gorgeous.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Emmys!

No, I'm not going to go through each category discussing my predictions or the politics and whatnot behind the voting process. That's boring and you can read it anywhere. I will just say that I don't think the Glee kids should win. I love Glee and I love Lea, Chris, etc. But this is their first year and they haven't paid their dues yet. "Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series" should not be going to Lea Michele when there's the likes of Amy Poehler and Tina Fey in the mix.

What I will say about the Emmys is that there are a lot of hotties nominated. And yes, there are some talented and amazing men that were nominated, but I'd rather look at the ladies.

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series
(Note: All of the women in all of the categories are gorgeous and talented women; however, this post would be miles long if I put a picture of all of them. And it is still going to be really long...)
(Another Note: Click the pictures for the full-size image!)
*Amy Poehler for Parks & Recreation
Alright, I don't watch this show. I've heard it's good now, but I just didn't get into it when it first came out. But that's how I felt about 30 Rock, so maybe in a year or so I'll rent it and love it.

She had her second boy this month with the just as hilarious Will Arnett. Seriously, their kids are going to be comedy superstars.
*Edie Falco for Nurse Jackie
I LOVE this show. Everyone involved in the show is brilliant.

Oh, sorry. Sometimes I forget that there are other people on the show aside from Eve Best... I'm also completely in love with Liz Brixius (one of the creators who is a lesbian).

*Lea Michele for Glee

No, she isn't a comedic giant like some of the other women, but she is hot.
*Tina Fey for 30 Rock

She definitely deserves the Emmy, but she really doesn't need another to clutter up her mantle.

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series
*January Jones in Mad Men
Betty Draper Francis is my least favorite of the three women on Mad Men; however, she is really fun to look at.

*Kyra Sedgwick for The Closer
I love Kyra. I love The Closer. TNT is quickly becoming one of my favorite networks because it has three of my favorite shows (Leverage, The Closer and, of course, Rizzoli & Isles).

I know Kyra doesn't do it for everyone, but she sure as hell does it for me.
*Mariksa Hargitay on Law & Order: SVU

I know Rizzoli & Isles has made me think, "Benson and Cabot, who?" But really, Olivia and Alex will always have a special place in my heart.

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy
*Jane Lynch in Glee
If I had to pick between Ellen and Jane, Jane would win hands down (Sorry Ellen! Love you too!) Her sense of humor just meshes better with mine.

I'm just remembering her and Neil Patrick Harris "getting together" on Glee. Nothing's funnier than that.
*Kristen Wiig on SNL

"With my by myself."
If that isn't enough, she cleans up really nice too.

*Julie Bowen in Modern Family
Yes, Sofia Vergara is gorgeous blah, blah, blah. But I've had a crush on Julie Bowen since Happy Gilmore came out.

And I still think she's fantastic.

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama
*Christina Hendricks in Mad Men

No words necessary.
*Archie Panjabi in The Good Wife
She's an ethnic minority and she plays a bisexual. That's hot.

Outstanding Reality-Competition Program
Really, what else is there aside from Project Runway (and by "Project Runway" I mean "Heidi Klum")?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Separated at Birth

Or at least long lost cousins.
Yep, I'm still talking about Rizzoli & Isles (sorry! kinda...). So, "separated at birth" and "long lost cousins" is obviously Sasha Alexander and Jessica Capshaw (Arizona from Grey's Anatomy [which I don't watch so for me I'm thinking Nadia from The L Word]). When I first watched R&I, I did think, "That looks like a lot like Nadia." Then I had to rewind because I got distracted thinking of Jessica Capshaw's legs (both of the women have an amazing pair [of legs... don't be dirty], by the way).

Sasha Alexander is not only aware of their physical similarities (she gets "told it all the time"), but Capshaw is "one of [her] closest friends."

I really have nothing else to say on the topic. But here's my favorite photo of the two.

Love them both!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Angie Harmon Loves Gay People

And guess what, Angie? I love you too. Angie Harmon was on Chelsea Lately last night (a few hours ago, really). The whole "interview" was essentially about how Angie Harmon is a Republican and loves her gays. Well, that and how FANTASTIC Angie's body looks after having three kids (seriously, smoking hot).

Best part: Chelsea Handler mentions Rizzoli & Isles and says, "If you're gay, you should watch it." Really, if you're a lesbian and NOT watching it, get it together and start!

And to all those gay Republicans out there, Chelsea says "wake the f**k up."

Here's the interview:

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Not Another Post About Politics

Elisabeth Hasselbeck recently made comments about how she actually supports gay marriage. Elisabeth Hasselbeck has a special place in my heart. She gets a lot of crap from liberal/LGBT/etc. people, most of it quite deservedly. And I can kind of relate to that feeling. Like I said in an earlier post, I used to be a Republican, and I'm still Mormon (and surprise, the LGBT community isn't the Mormon church's biggest fan, understandably).

On abortion, Hasselbeck said that she "does believe that life begins at conception," but she doesn't "believe that the government should tell women what to do with their bodies" (Note: The quote isn't continuous not because I changed the meaning of Hasselbeck's in any way, but the tenses/pronouns didn't fit with my sentence). And that is why I'm an Independent. I don't believe that politics, morality, and all of that are black-and-white. Sometimes what I believe is moral or right shouldn't necessarily be forced upon others, but even more that that it isn't rationally possible to execute on a federal or state scale anyway. And now Hasselbeck is getting crap from conservative/anti-gay/etc. people (like Ann Coulter after signing up to speak at Homocon). And I know what that's like too.

But that isn't why she has a special place in my heart. That only makes me think, "Well, you're still an idiot, sorry." Elisabeth Hasselbeck's previous "claim to fame" was that she was on Survivor. She was my favorite of all time and EVERYONE knew it. My mom even thought I would want to watch The View after she joined the show. I didn't know it at the time, but I had a huge lesbian crush on her. This was during my pre-gay days where I thought, "Oh, I would like to be on Survivor to be 'best friends' with her," when I really felt, "Oh, I would like to be on Survivor to do her."

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"Wish You Were Gay" Wednesday

Surprise, surprise, I wish Angie Harmon were gay. I don't care if she's a Republican. I used to be one so I'm in no position to judge. Yes, I know I've talked my face off about Rizzoli & Isles, Sasha Alexander, and Angie Harmon; however, there is a reason that she is my first nominee of sorts for "Wish You Were Gay" Wednesday. Angie Harmon will be on Chelsea Lately tomorrow. Watch it. I don't watch any talk show regularly, but I watch certain episodes if they have someone I like on it. Someone like Angie Harmon. Sure, she may talk about being a Republican, but she may talk about the lezzie fanbase/subtext of R&I. I definitely wouldn't be surprised if Chelsea goes there.

If that isn't enough convincing, watch it for this:

That right there is why I wish she were gay. Oh, and she's a talented actress, has that sexy voice, and I'm sure she's a sweet and amazing lady in real life (Whoopi says she is, so she must be). The picture's all the convincing I need... (Seriously, click the picture. Bigger is definitely better in this instance.)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Born to Run

There was a new Rizzoli & Isles last night. Oh, guess what? I watched it. Surprising, eh? Even when it isn't a "very special lesbian episode," it is still so gay.

1. Jane with her brother
"Why are you doing this? I thought you hated running." -Rizzoli's brother
"Because I told my friend I would."
"Your 'friend'?" (accompanied by a look of skepticism that just screams, "She's more than just your friend.")

2. Jane to Maura
"I said that I would do this because we said we wanted to do something together." Right, because the two of them NEVER do things together. Like yoga, going undercover, having sleepovers, giving pet tortoises, going to parties, going to the bar, going shopping... Nope, never do things together at all...

3. Maura almost starts crying, but she stops after Jane mentions her cameltoe.

4. Maura wants Jane to lose the "baggy tee" she's wearing. In what way is that shirt "baggy"?

5. And the episode ends with a little moonlight run. A moonlight run followed by this:

So cute. But come on, Maura's leaning in and Jane's leg?

A non-Rizzles note on the episode: This is yet another reason why fanny packs should be illegal.

Monday, August 23, 2010

I Hate Comics

I don't like comics/manga/graphic novels/etc. And most people that enjoy those things (especially manga) are people that I don't get along with. Surprising, I know, as I'm a huge nerd. HOWEVER, thanks to Tegan and Sara via Twitter (twitter.com/teganandsara), I discovered Ariel Schrag (a fantastic lesbian comic-er. Sorry, I don't know the correct terminology. Nor do I know the difference between comics and graphic novels).

Ariel Schrag was also a writer for the L Word (I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt that she was involved in the hilarious bits of the L Word, as opposed to... you know, the parts that make you swear at your TV).
Anyways, Tegan and Sara put up a link to Ariel & Kevin Invade Everything (www.invadeeverything.com). And I enjoyed it.

As a result, I bought her three comic books about her high school experiences (Awkward/Definition, Potential, and Likewise). Once again, enjoyment; however, not at the same level as Invade Everything. Too much dyke drama.

A friend of mine directed me to an online (once again, I don't know the correct terminology. There are drawings... and words...). It's called Menage a 3 (menagea3.net). It's updated three times a week (Tues, Thurs, and Sat) and definitely NSFW. But it's funny and I'm a little obsessed. It's really embarrassing, actually. It's about three roommates and the shenanigans they get into (with a bit of slash/femslash action).

In one of my bored wanderings of the Internet, I stumbled upon Girlfriend Comics (www.girlfriendcomics.com). Also, often NSFW. Girlfriend Comics is a lesbian comic strip, which is updated every Thursday. I think it is very hit-or-miss. Some are so true and fantastic, but some...
I guess I don't hate comics.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fall Line-Up (AKA "Life Without Rizzoli & Isles")

Summer's almost over, which means one thing: Fall Television. Weeds and The Big C started up last Sunday, but since I have Showtime I really don't care until they come out on DVD. Luckily, network television won't keep me wanting for too long.

Shows I Plan to Watch

1. Castle (returning to ABC on September 20)
Love me some Kate Beckett (played by Stana Katic). Then there's Nathan Fillion, who is hilarious and fantastic (and I'm a sucker for almost every part of the Whedon-verse).

2. House (returning to Fox on September 20)
Yes, Olivia Wilde (Thirteen) is taking a brief hiatus to do film (Olivia Wilde on the big screen? No complaints here...).

But I think I can get by looking at just Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein).

3. Chuck (returning to NBC September 20)
Yvonne StraHOTski

Need I say more?

4. No Ordinary Family (coming to ABC on September 28)
Yes, I'll miss Lovely Rita (Julie Benz) on Dexter and Robin/Katherine on Desperate Housewives. Luckily, Julie Benz has a new show. Sci-fi/drama about a family with super powers. I've been curious about the show for awhile since Benz has been posting photos from the set on her Twitter (twitter.com/juliebenz).

Alright, maybe I care less about the show and more about that...

5. Glee (returning to Fox on September 21)
Chris Colfer. Lea Michele. JANE LYNCH. Dianna Agron.

And of course, Brittana.

6. Running Wilde (coming to Fox on September 21)
It's a comedy starring Will Arnett. "Come on!" If you haven't seen Arrested Development, watch it now. Funniest. Show. Ever. And it has lesbian golden girl Portia De (Rossi/Generes). Portia De is also rumored to pop on RW once in awhile (possibly playing a lesbian?). Also, has David Cross (Arrested Development, as well). But yeah, yeah, who cares? It's Keri Russell. Only getting more gorgeous with age.

Felicity did nothing for me, but this... Stamp of Approval!

7. Modern Family (returns to ABC on September 22)
Yeah, everyone loves Sofia Vergara.

Personally, I'll take Julie Bowen over Sofia any day.

(By the way, the correct spelling of "Bowen" is "MILF.")

8. 30 Rock (returning to NBC on September 23)
Ummm, Tina Fey.

And... what else? Oh yeah, Tina Fey.

9. Body of Proof (will be on ABC on Fridays this Fall)
I worship Dana Delany. Gorgeous. Jeri Ryan (Star Trek; Leverage) also stars, but it's Dana effing Delany.

10. Blue Bloods (new show coming to CBS on September 24)
Honestly, I know absolutely nothing about this show except that Bridget Moynahan is in it. I'll watch anything with her in it. I watched the unfortunately short-lived show Six Degrees (watch it free on Hulu) and rented/watched repeatedly/bought Gray Matters because of her.

11. Desperate Housewives (returning to ABC on September 26)
My guilty pleasure. I will miss Dana Delany (Katherine), but I am sooo in love with Marcia Cross. Keep your Eva Longoria Parkers and Teri Hatchers. I love this redhead.

I even stop fast-forwarding my DVR to watch her Motts commercials.

12. Lie to Me (We got some episodes this summer, but it returns late in the Fall on November 10)
I fell in love with Kelli Williams when she was on The Practice (although my real love on that show was Lara Flynn Boyle, even though she did need to eat a sandwich or two). She's even more gorgeous.
To top it all off, Jennifer Beals guest stars quite frequently (although not frequently enough and likely even less now that she has her new show Ride-Along that is supposed to come to Fox sometime mid-season). Which brings me to something else, Lightman's daughter on Lie to Me... how did J. Beals and Lightman create that girl. Yes, she's pretty, but red-headed?

I'm now beginning to see why I don't have a girlfriend...

(As always, feel free to click the pictures for the larger version).