Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Boston Strangler Redux: Favorite Scenes

Remember that one time two postless weeks passed by? I won't bore you with my excuses of what I've been "busy" doing, BUT I was fairly busy.

So, my favorite scene from BSR is NOT a Rizzles scene, but it is the moment I fell truly, madly, deeply in love with Rizzoli & Isles.

Remember that one time Maura went on that date with the dude with Marfan?
Oh! You mean the BEST.SCENE.EVER?
Why I Love the Scene: I love Marfan. That is the weirdest sentence, yes, but it's true. And yes, I'm a nerd. In my 7th grade Science class, we watched a documentary on Marfan and I just thought it was so fascinating. All I remember from the documentary was that they accused Abe Lincoln of having Marfan. They also showed some Asians who had Marfan and I shouted, "That's my cousin!" It wasn't really my cousin, but don't all Asians look alike? And then the documentary showed some weird arm flexibility things that people with Marfan can do, which I could/can also do, so then people thought I had Marfan (which I totally don't). So, that's why I love Marfan and why this scene was particularly frantastic to me.

Anywho! Maura was just being fascinating and an utter delight on her date.
Then, her date asked her if there is anything that she doesn't know.
Yeah, she doesn't exactly answer that question and, instead, just spouts more crap that she does know.
This is also what I love about this scene. This is me on a date. I am this awkward.
Example 1:
Boy: *reading the ingredient list on a food product* What is any of this stuff anyway? Soy l-l-lecithin (totally butchering the pronunciation)...?
Me: Oh, soy lecithin? It's just an emulsifier.
Boy: *blank look* What's an emulsifier?
And, like Maura, I knew that the boy really didn't care about what I was talking about so I stopped myself from explaining (it would have been a pisspoor explanation anyway)...
Example 2:
I have told a joke about dairy companies bragging about the omega-3 added to their "fat-free" milk and how ridiculous that is. (I know this is totally acceptable within the FDA guidelines, but I still think it's ridiculous...)
Side Note: I know what you're thinking. And no, I'm not always this boring. Just sometimes...

So, yes, I've totally gotten this look:
Anywho, Maura and Marfan Man kiss.
This is not them kissing, but no one wants to see that...
Moral of the Scene: Boys, don't kiss Maura or you will get Marfan (or go to jail [see Garrett Fairfield])

Maura is going on about Marfan Man's weird body issues.
Me/Maura: Marfan!
Side Note: I also shouted "Marfan!" during the episode where Burke/Cristina go on a dinner date and there is dude that has heart issues and Marfan. And even though no one was there to witness it either time, I totally did the Meredith "diagnosing the tumor" victory arms bit:

Maura: It explains the dolichostenomelia.
I then spelled "Dolichostenomelia" aloud because spelling that word in my 7th grade Science class got me a dollar and a few extra credit points :) (dude, I told you I was a nerd...)

Maura: Yeah, you're gonna die.
Dude: *books it out of there*
Me: Shoot, you aren't dying right now! What kind of idiot would leave a woman that looks like this:
on a dinner date? I don't care if your heart is failing right then and there, you buck up and push on through!

What's your favorite scene from "Boston Strangler Redux"? And don't be like @neggett and ignore the second half of that question and talk about your favorite scene from all of R&I because I will laugh at you :)
Related Note: Nikki, you are awesome and I love you :D haha

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Post!

Monday, April 4
*Cote de Pablo will be on The Talk.
*Dana Freakin' Delany will be on Jimmy Kimmel. In her last Kimmel interview, she talked about using homemade whipped cream for... fun...
On Tuesday, April 5, she'll be on The Talk and on Tavis Smiley. Obviously she'll be promoting her new show, Body of Proof, which I think is decent. And she's so gorgey in it.
Plus, there was a little lezzie subtext between her and Jeri Ryan's character.
Jeri Ryan: I will deal with Dr. Hunt (Dana Delany) in my own way.
Me: I’m sure you will *wink*

Tuesday, April 5
*Barbara Eden will be on Regis & Kelly.
*Eva Longoria will be on The View.
And on Wednesday, she'll be on Letterman. Apparently she has a pretty decent cookbook coming out.
*Sophia Bush will be on Craig Ferguson.
*Sarah Shahi will be on Lopez Tonight.

Wednesday, April 6
*Jennifer Garner will be on Regis & Kelly and on Jimmy Fallon.
I'm pretty sure she'll be promoting Arthur, which makes me sad because the original Liza is classic.
*Ellen Page will be on Craig Ferguson.
*Elisha Cuthbert will be on Jimmy Kimmel, promoting her new show with Happy Endings.
Even though she made me want the terrorists to win because she was so annoying in 24, I really liked her in My Sassy Girl, sooo...
*Also, it's Eliza Coupe's birthday, who is also in Happy Endings with Elisha Cuthbert (and is also the real reason why I'm considering actually watching the show because she was so frantastic as Denise in Scrubs).

Friday, April 8
*Zooey Deschanel will be on Craig Ferguson.
*It's Robin Wright's birthday! So in love with this woman.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Grey's Anatomy: The Music Event (A Recap)

Thursdays are never this long, BUT it was the Grey's musical!!!
But despite not having TV and having to wait until 1 am to watch it on iTunes, it all actually worked out for my life because of all the times I had to pause to cry... In my defense of the amount of crying that did happen, I had been saving tears for awhile now so I could just let it all out on one embarrassing night...

Anywho, one quick reminder: Click the pictures for enlarged goodness!

*Isn't this the worst thing in the world?
To look over and check on your loved one after an accident and to see that?
Also, note the blood on the airbag. Nice touch, Team! (I'm giving my compliments where I can because I do have some criticism... just a heads up...)
Okay, so this may top the last shot... you know, seeing your loved one on top of the hood of your car, twitching about.
Also, I thought the truck driver (not pictured) was the worst actor alive. He just reacted so awkwardly and unconvincingly. Yeah, I know he had less than a second on screen, but ya gotta make it count!
Okay, in the middle screencap, it kind of doesn't look like Spirit Callie is looking at Body Callie. Or like she is looking at her, but lookin' at her shoulder or something... just sayin'

*Cut to, Seattle Grace-Mercy Death...
Mark is asked to sit this one out, understandably, but seriously... How is Callie not everyone's family there? Although I would trust them most to make sure Callie lives at any cost (e.g., the unrealistic amount of time they worked to revive drowned Meredith, and ignoring Izzie's DNR).

So, this is how Callie looked:
Note the blood shooting out of her head. I'm not gonna lie... that did make me laugh a little.
This is how Arizona/Mark reacted to how Callie looked:
Very appropriate, I'd say.

Don't you just want to hug Arizona right here?Oh, by the way, Callie has totally been singing "Chasing Cars" this whole time...
Okay, not gonna lie, when Owen started singing and Callie started freaking out about hearing him sing, I started laughing inappropriately loud. P.S. Why do all the tumblrfolk hate on Kevin McKidd's singing. Some parts aren't spectacular (well, I'm not a fan of him in "How to Save a Life"), but I think he's talented!

And Arizona is freaking out about the fetal heartbeat, which is all nice and good but really... look at how amazing JCap looks post-faux car accident!
Bailey: Let's waste time Chasing cars Around our heads.
Me: Yeah, I know that's part of the song, but we are not allowed to effing waste time right now.

Arizona: I asked her to marry me and a truck came out of nowhere.
Seriously, when she said this, despite it being the second time she's said it, but ESPECIALLY since she was saying it to no one... so many tears.

*Cut to Chyler Leigh killin' it on "Breathe."
The cinematography kinda bugged me a bit, specifically this birds-eye business. I just thought it was too rushed and too forced (although the gifs I've seen of it on tumblr are decent), but that's just my opinion.

I loved Karev so much in this moment for looking out for his mentor and friend.

And then for all the Slexie shippers:
Mark: You don't have to do this; I know you hate me.
Lexie: I don't hate you.
Okay, I just hated when Lexie said that because it felt, once again, too rushed and too forced. I know it was done so it would fit in the gaps of the music, but... I didn't care for it.

And then I cried some more...

Lucy shouldn't be pissed that they called in Addison. She even said herself that this was all out of her knowledge.
Side Note: Kate Walsh looks hot even when she's windy.
I put this screencap because there are so few Kate Walsh moments in this episode!
She was really underused and it was kind of waste, BUT I'm always happy to see Addison in SGMW :D
I love Kate Walsh's eyebrows (see the middle screencap)

*Aaand Arizona and Mark are fighting... Arizona is looking out for the baby and Mark is worried about saving Callie's life first.
Mark: What's her life gonna be like if she's dead?
And then Mark says something about him and Callie screwing again if they lose this baby.
Arizona and Me: No, you won't! (Oh, hellll no).
In other news, Bailey has been singing "Wait" this whole time...
And Lexie joins in the singing and pretends to wash her face...
And more arguing. A lot was said out of anger and fear. "Sperm donor." "You're not anything. You're nothing."
I wasn't mad at Mark, well, I was a little mad. But, in his defense, he really is the most expendable in the triangle and, in my head, he was worried about getting kicked out by the happy lesbians, as opposed to him just being a doucheb.

*But enough of that!
Me (at first): What the f**k is this?
Me (moments later): Okay, I frakkin' love this.
Dream Callie! Don't spoil driving through the heavens by remembering the car crash!
Just prettiness:
Callie: Is this what love's supposed to feel like?
Me: Seriously? You're asking this?
Arizona: Put your seatbelt on.
Me: After this episode, I think Callie has to sit in the freakin' backseat from now on.

I love them.
And "Runnin' on Sunshine" starts :D Do you see Callie's face!!!
Arizona!!! Why are you so awkward?! Jump her bones!
I want hot car sex between the of them NOW. (I feel totally ripped off that we didn't get that) That hand should NOT be on Arizona's shoulder but on her thigh workin' up *wink*

Seriously!!! Callie Torres sang MY pants off right here.

Sandra Oh should NEVER wear a shirt...
Personally, I thought this could have been choreographed better, but I do like Foley's voice. While Justin Chambers's voice made me a little sad... (But Lucy's dancing with Karev was HOT)

P.S. Eli is hot. I am happy Bailey is tappin' that.
Kim Raver is attractive, but her exit in this scene... I think she's just a tad awkward and that's why her earlier scene was a little odd too. But awkward's okay! I mean, shoot, I am!

According to tumblr, a lot of people really like the finger wag.
It made me feel awkward.

More Slexie cuteness:
"And there ain't no clouds in my sky!"
Me: Have you looked at your greenscreen background? There are a sh*tload of clouds in the sky.
And there's a truck in the road!!!

*I really don't think normal people look this cute after a car accident...
...Or even this cute before a car accident...

*I feel so gypped by the amount of JCap singing in "Universe & U" actually shown in the episode.
Because she worked that ish out in the song. I mean, really, she was amazing.

Loved the rack focus here:
Seriously, I could watch/listen to these two sing to each other forever.

*And Callie is taken to the OR:

*"How to Save a Life"
Note: I judge their voices. I can't sing myself and I'm no professional, but I do listen to a shizload of music and these are just my personal opinions :D
-Kevin McKidd's part bugs in the beginning, especially coupled with Kevin McKidd's acting in the scene when he's sing-encouraging Cristina.
-I really liked Ellen Pompeo's part, despite the fact she's totally sing-talking. This surprised me just because it took awhile for her speaking voice to grow on me, but I did really enjoy her part.
-I need to comment on Kim Raver's part real quick.
People on tumblr kept saying it was Kate Walsh singing here before the episode aired. Really?! Have they ever listened to either woman speak in their lives? Anywho, I think she's talented, but her voice was too much all over the place and would have been better if she had reigned in a bit.
-Eric Dane was solid, but once again, it was sing-talking. Which I'm cool with, especially considering the song, but I think they could have worked it out so Ellen/Eric did a bit more vocally.
-Personally, I don't love JCap's part in the song. I loooove her in "Universe & U." I do love her voice; it's frantastic. But not so amazing in "How to Save a Life." And then the best part of her singing in the song ("the things you told him," yep, just those five words, haha) is talked over!!! And then Chandra's awesomeness was also talked over...
-Chyler is brilliant, of course.
-And Sarah Drew was AMAZING, in my opinion, for her five words. So either she can only sing those five words really well, or they totally didn't use her as much as she they should have. And on the iTunes version of the track, you can mostly only hear Chyler, which is a shame (as effing amazing as she is).

Okay, this moment... Even just screencapping Callie's hand going over Arizona's I had to take a moment so I could cry like a little girl.
And then all of this with Mark/Arizona/the baby... so many tears.

*Mark: You're not nothing.
I wanted a little more from Arizona here, but I still cried like a little girl.

*Cut to Meredith talking about how jealous she was of Callie at the baby shower.
Is that why she created that monstrosity?

*Arizona is just... love. Especially since she's talking about the baby :)
And Sara Ramirez singing "The Story" is ALWAYS love :D
Side Note: I didn't care too much for the singing on the catwalk. No, I loved the singing. I thought the cinematography was too choppy, but that's just me...
Me: This is precious, but Callie, stop singing to the baby and sing this song to Arizona. That's all I want in the world.

I did laugh at this little b*tchslap to all of the Slexie shippers who had their hopes up.
Don't get wrong, I do very much prefer Slexie over... that hand-holding that looks like that of awkward friendship.
But Shonda being Shonda makes me laugh.

Me: Teddy! What the frak! Don't be like that!
This was badass:
And if you didn't know that Callie's first word was going to be 'yes,' you don't watch enough television, haha.
But it was still AMAZING :D