Monday, February 28, 2011

Wonder Twin Powers Activate!

Me: Form of a dragon!
Husband: Form of a bucket of ice!
So, this post is NOT another post about my husband, but the Wonder Twins always make me think of this... :)

No, this post is actually about my Twin.
Let me preface this post with this: Yesterday was the Oscars. There was a little Bingo competition that went down with myself and a few of my Twitter friends. On the Bingo grid/spreadsheet/whatsit, were things like "Anne Hathaway sings" or "A winner thanks the Academy in his or her speech." And there were some bets placed... I lost against Twin and now I am writing a blogpost about how utterly AMAZING she is. And the post was also to include JCap, Sasha, and Hugh Jackman half naked.

(Love all four of them!)

And don't get the wrong impression here, there is no need for coercion when it comes to talking about how awesome my Twin is...
Or to post some JCap...
And I'll be honest, Hugh Jackman IS a very beautiful man...
Jack on Will & Grace: I can't wait to see Hugh Jackman... and his huge ackman...

Twin is not my real twin (not even my real twin is my real twin...). And we don't even seem to be twin-like at all... She's white; I'm Asian. She's an atheist; I'm Mormon. She's straight; I'm gayer than the day is long. She's East Coast; I'm West Coast. She loves the Red Sox; I love the Dodgers.
But the Twin thing totally makes sense to us :) And I seriously rarely go a single day without being reminded how awesome she is (and with us being twins, it just reminds me how awesome I am, haha).

Brief Hottie Intermission:

Some Things I Love About My Twin:
*She is really smart. She thinks about issues of politics, religion, psychology, etc. from a totally different perspective than most people, and it's really interesting and awesome.
*She really cares about people. Sometimes she likes to act as if she's all BA (which she totally is), but she does care a lot for others, especially for her friends. If you become her friend, you're pretty much set for life (unless you're a total tool, but why would you be a total tool?). When I first started talking to her, she asked me loads of questions about me, my situation as a gay Mormon, etc., because she is interested in others. And I know that I could call her whenever if I was having a crisis and she'd listen to me. The best part about that is that she pretty much always knows when to be sympathetic, and when to tell you stop bitching/stop being a loser.
*She's unapologetic for being who she is. In the good way. She's an atheist and isn't going to apologize for believing what she does, but she also is not out to tell those who do believe in God that they're idiots/wrong. If she did, that would make our relationship really awkward...
*She is HILARIOUS. Seriously, so funny.
*She's a talented writer. She writes fanfiction and writes on her blog: In the Name of Reason. The two are very different, but enjoy both quite a lot :D
*She's a beautiful person inside and out. Which is totally cliche and gross to say, but it's so true :D

Yes, Twin is amazing. And I love her very much.

What else is amazing, you ask? JCap fresh from the shower:

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Post: Oscars Edition

Sunday, February 27
*It's the Oscars!
I'll be honest, I thought Black Swan was a little pretentious and overrated. Yes, I enjoyed it, but still... Requiem for a Dream continues to be my favorite Aronofsky film. But I am super thrilled that Aronofsky had Clint Mansell score Black Swan, who also scored Requiem.
The King's Speech though... Brilliant.
*Happy Birthday, @TheRainbowUhaul! Related Note: She's awesome.

Monday, February 28
*Emily Blunt will be on Regis & Kelly.
On Tuesday, she'll be on Jimmy Kimmel and on Thursday, she'll be on Conan. I think Emily Blunt is a really underrated actress.
*Happy Birthday, Ali Larter
*And Happy Birthday to my favorite pervert ;) , @TtownAmstaff! Plus, this is why you should start watching No Ordinary Family:
No, I'm not frakking kidding you. These ladies will be on No Ordinary Family starting tomorrow :)

Tuesday, March 1
*Allison Janney will be on The View.
She's hilarious. And Mr. Sunshine is actually quite funny (plus, Andrea Anders [Better Off Ted, The Class] is super cute)
*Heidi Klum will be on Ellen.
Yeah, her new ridiculous show is ridiculous; however, it's Heidi Klum!
*Betty White will be on Leno. This is why I love Hot in Cleveland:

Wednesday, March 2
*Chelsea Handler will be on Conan. Two hilarious people together? Yes, please.
Yes, I just wanted an excuse to post a picture of Angie...

Thursday, March 3
*Catherine Bell will be on The Talk.
*Wanda Sykes will be on Ellen. Lesbian explosion!
*Happy Birthday to Julie Bowen and Jessica Biel!

Friday, March 4
*Heather Locklear will be on Regis & Kelly.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Greycap: Not Responsible

I am officially done with my Spanish class! I'm now only in 2.5 classes and that means... I will be watching/recapping NCIS soon! :D (Expect one up next week)

But let's look at JCap now...

*Some short-lived bonding between Arizona/Mark over the tiny human that has set up camp in Callie.
But uh-oh... Mark is saying 'no' to a little amniocentesis action...
Arizona's Face: You're kidding me, right?

*Argument Follows*
Callie: Stop the fighting! Please stop the fighting! <--This is actually only funny if you can hear the voice in which I hear it in my head...

Gyno Girl: It's so nice that there are three of you. Callie's Face: Beezy, you better be kidding me.

Mark just doesn't want a giant needle being jammed into Callie.
Gyno Girl: It's not giant. Nine inches.
Wait... Y'all are still talking about a needle, right? Well, I guess if they were talking about something else, Calzona and Mark wouldn't be in this predicament, would they?

*Ewww. It's that annoying girl from Loving Annabelle/Related. Seriously, she was the only sister I didn't find attractive on Related.
But that was partly because her character was annoying...

I actually find Cystic Fibrosis Boy more attractive.
Her character was really that annoying...

*April: I already had your respect.
*Arizona still wants that amniocentesis.
Arizona: It's not all hugging and the Special Olympics.
Callie's Face: Did my girlfriend seriously just say that?

Arizona's Face: I really want to hit Mark in the face with a brick...
*There was a lot of creepy pining in this scene...
*I like how whenever Arizona has a scene with Stark, she has pretty much the same expression of "Who the eff are you?" on her face.
*The Biscuit: Pediatric surgeons can be heartless wretches. Some would argue that I'm case in point.
Arizona's Face: Sing it!

*Most attractive three-parent family ever, right?
Oh, there was some drama here about them being a three-parent family...

*Because they're good boobs!
*And Arizona makes her very understandable point that this isn't exactly what she had in mind when she agreed to have kids and the situation kind of sucks for her...
I am glad that the three of them are doing a fairly decent job of communicating with one other (yeah, I know this is a TV show and that these aren't real people...), and of course I expect this to continue to be an issue because it is a TV show. But, let's get real, Arizona... Dreams never come to fruition in the way you want and this really isn't what any of the three of you want. I don't think Callie's "bisexual dream" involved listening to the two of you argue and having you and Mark feel like the lesser partner/parent/person in this awkward family. Anywho, rant's over so do please continue... This is an important dialogue for the two of you to be having...
And also you're just super adorable.

*If you didn't see the whole Lexie/Jackson in the shower thing coming from the beginning of this scene, you don't watch enough TV... Or, like April Keppner, you don't listen to basic body language/facial cues...
Anywho... Karma :D
Oh dear gosh... Please don't let anyone walk in on April/Stark in the shower... Put that away.

Friday, February 25, 2011


I stole this idea from my husband's blog. He wrote some of his quirks in a post and I want to be like him, so I am copying him :D

But first off, a few words (i.e., a novella)... My husband is amazing. I talk about him all the time because I just want people to know how fantastic he is. He has helped me to feel better about being gay, but mostly he has helped me to feel better about being myself. Honestly, every time since I’ve met him that I have felt down about myself or had one of those days where I wish that I had never been born, he has cheered me up. He is just exactly what I need--being able to pull me out of my headspace, all by simply telling me, “Bitch, I am picking you up in fifteen minutes and we are hanging out.” I get into moods where I could easily sit at home for days, never leaving my house, and just watching TV, wallowing in annoying self-hatred, crying, etc. But he has seriously saved me so many times without even knowing it--all because he’s him. Sometimes I feel a little bit like a user, or needy, or like I’m getting way more out of the friendship than him, but I like to think I make up for it with my dazzling smile ;)
Essentially, he is awesome. He is one of the most caring human beings I know. He is sincerely interested in people and does so much for others, simply because he has a great heart. And he’s hilarious, I mean, he can make me laugh inappropriately loud in the middle of a serious panel about the LGBT community in Utah all with just one look... I don’t know what I’d do without him. But I totally want less of his love because I want him lovin’ on some really hot man ;)
(Dear Husband, You'll have to tell me how I did in my selection of a "hot man")


1. When I'm in the kitchen, I often stand like a flamingo with one foot resting on the thigh of my other leg.
2. Before I started using my phone as my alarm clock, I used to always have my clock radio tuned to a mix of mariachi music and static.
3. I'm a little OCD when it comes to numbers. If I set my alarm clock, a timer, the microwave, etc., the number has to end in 3, 7, 8, or 11. The system is more complex than that, but I don't want to take the time to explain it... I don't really think the world would end if I didn't do this, but I've never set the time differently to find out...
4. Because I have scoliosis, my jaw clicks. It sounds like I'm cracking it and I sometimes unconsciously click it in class.
5. If I get a TV show from Netflix, I'll watch the whole disc in one sitting--usually on the same day I get it. If I get a movie, it will most likely sit in my room for two weeks before I send it back, unwatched, because I never think I have the time or patience to sit through a two hour movie.

What I just rented/watched today:
6. My immediate family are the only people who have seen me cry (aside from when I was a baby). Not even my best friend of 17 years has seen me cry.
7. I have been known to randomly pronounce certain words with a Southern accent.
8. I have never driven with shoes on. In high school, I had an extra pair of shoes in my car because I would often forget to wear them.

Angie with no shoes:
9. I find it really unattractive when a person doesn't wear his or her seat belt.

Look, Maura wears her seat belt:
(P.S. Rewatch this scene to note the continuity error of Maura wearing/not wearing her seat belt...)
10. Sometimes I say things that I know make me sound stupid just to make people laugh.
11. One of the first things I do when I get home is take off my pants.

Sarah Shahi also likes to not wear pants apparently... Which I totally approve of.

In other news: Grey's Recap coming tomorrow!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday!!! Post!

First off, you should all check out @Warrior_Queen's (my twin) new blog, In the Name of Reason. Her first post is very moving and utter brilliance.

Monday, February 21
*Cobie Smulders will be on Letterman.
Are these pictures on my wall? Yep. But Roommate... I'm totally straight!
Adele will also be on this episode. Her new album=brilliant. Her cover of Cheryl Cole's "Promise This"=brilliant.

Okay, I love Cheryl Cole more than life. She's gorgey and super talented, but let's get real... Adele's cover kicks Chezza's version in the face.
*Sofia Vergara will be on The Talk.
*Happy Birthday, Ellen Page!!!

Tuesday, February 22
*Happy Birthday, Drew Barrymore!
She was the one girl my sister would consider going gay for... until my sister saw The L Word and met Shane... and my sister would get with that any day.
*Amy Poehler will be on Letterman.
And on Wednesday, she'll be on Regis & Kelly.
*Betty White will be on Regis & Kelly.
*Julie Benz will be on The View.
Wow... I seriously need to pick up on watching No Ordinary Family...

Thursday, February 24
*Happy Birthday, Bonnie Somerville!
I miss when you were the smokin' hot bisexual girl on Cashmere Mafia....
Also, you can sing because you're amazing like that :D

Friday, February 25
*Amber Heard will be on Jimmy Fallon.
One word: WOW.

Also, my class schedule will be sooo much better after this week! So, expect more posts (e.g., Kate Todd awesomeness)!