Sunday, October 31, 2010

"If I Had a Wish, Then It Would Be..."

"...a happy, happy birthday to you from me."

So, I don't care if y'all don't like my new birthday post because I figure this is the only way I'll be able to diversify my hott ladies (i.e., not Rizzles or Calzona).

Piper Perabo!

That outfit is costume-y... Thus, apropos for the holiday. And she's wearing very little, which is like a birthday gift to me.
Really, Piper doesn't do THAT much for me, but I'll always love her because of...

Imagine Me & You
(Thanks to perpetuallyrackingmybrains for this.)

Monday, November 1
Aishwarya Rai
Gorgeous. Love her eyes. And I gotta say that I do love Bollywood movies...

Friday, November 5
Famke Janssen

Seriously? Seriously. So gorgey.

And Happy Halloween to all y'all!

Coming tomorrow: Kate Todd/NCIS

Saturday, October 30, 2010


This a very special Sasha/JCap post... Katizona.
These examples have nothing to do with the physical similarities of Sasha and JCap... They just made me laugh. They're both from Episode 6 of Season 1 of NCIS ("High Seas").
P.S. I will have a mini-Kate-cap of this episode on Monday.

Surprise, surprise... Some Navy guy died and NCIS gets called out on the case. Kate is talking to some guy about the dead dude (who died from a meth overdose or something meth-related... I don't know. It's hard to pay attention when Kate isn't there).
Kate: “What about Petty Officer Wilkes?” (Wilkes is the dead guy...)
Non-Dead Navy Guy: “Solid as they come, ma’am. Fourth generation Navy. His grandfather was a gunner’s mate on the Arizona.”

This sounds so familiar...

Kate hearing about the Navy grandpa vs. Arizona talking about her Navy grandpa


This is my favorite though...

Who's that peeing in the background?

Wait... Is that?

Dr. Charles Percy!

And here's some real life JCap/Sasha:

Coming Tomorrow: Hotties

Friday, October 29, 2010

Late Post Friday

This post is late. But I only just decided to post something, despite my accidental double post yesterday...

This is what I think you should TiVo/DVR next week...

Monday, November 1
Sophia Bush on Craig Ferguson
She's hott. She loves the environment (and the gays). And her voice... sexy.

Tuesday, November 2
Emma Stone on Letterman
She's a hot redhead. And have you seen Easy A? Funny stuff.

Wednesday, November 3
Rosario Dawson AND Cat Cora on Regis & Kelly

'Nuff said.

And Cat Cora. Beautiful, brilliant in the kitchen, and a lesbian.

Thursday, November 4
Ellen Pompeo on Jimmy Kimmel
I only just started liking her (as in her character on Grey's Anatomy). I have finally accepted that her voice is her voice. And, well, although she doesn't usually do much for me...

...this picture is hot.

Emily Deschanel on Letterman
Come on, it's Bones!

(I had to post this picture since it's Halloween and all...)

She'll be talking about her memoir that's coming out. I really just want to see the two of them together...

Tina Fey
Tina Fey will be on Letterman on November 3rd and on Regis & Kelly on November 4th
Watch. It will be funny.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Double Post Thursday: Girls With Guns, Part VII

(Totally didn't mean to post this today... Oh, well...)

I really didn't think I'd have this many posts of Girls With Guns. But there are just so many hott women out there that know how to hold a piece. Which is good since I don't know what I'll do when I run out of photos of GWG.

I've finally started to catch up on my Fall TV watching. So, I watched some Castle and Stana... Lemme just say that Kate Beckett is badass.

I had started to watch/catch up on Season 4 of Brothers & Sisters (love Sally Field, Calista Flockhart, and Rachel Griffiths... and Kevin & Scotty), but then I discovered Grey's Anatomy. Damn you, Jessica Capshaw and your legs, hair, dimples, and legs... and legs.
But I do love Kitty Walker. I think I might even have to re-rent season one so I can screencap Kitty with the rifle.

Last weekend, I watched Imagine Me & You three times. So, I was in the mood for some more Lena Headey.

And here's some Angie and Sasha!

Maurizona, Part IV

Dr. Arizona Robbins to the Chief:
I am going to cry. And I just want you to know that I know that it's going to happen. And I just want you to ignore it. And I'm not crying cause I'm upset. It's just what happens when I get mad at people of authority.

Jane Rizzoli:
Holy, crap! You're going to cry on me!

Maura Isles:
No, I'm trying not to, it's just that my amygdala and my lacrimal gland have a connection that I can't really control.

Maura and Arizona are sensitive gals. There has been some crying. But they really can't help it sometimes...

Maurizona Trying Not to Cry

Maura just had her feelings hurt by her girlfriend and then there's Arizona and her authority issues.

Maurizona Trying Even Harder Not to Cry

Maurizona Crying

Maurizona Terrified

We really need to talk about the similarities here:
a. Both are being threatened by a crazy gunman.
b. Both are protecting someone who is injured (girl with a burst appendix and Frankie with a burst... everything)
c. Both are being protected by their girlfriends.

Here's your real life JCap/Sasha lovin' of the week:

(Thank you, babydykecate)
Also in real JCap/Sasha news... JCap supposedly had her baby last week (the 20th). And it's supposedly a baby girl named Eve Augusta.
And this happened:

But then her "soo excited" tweet disappeared... So... Take what you want from that.
Coming Tomorrow: Girls With Guns (with Sangie, of course)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

This is What Heaven Must Be Like

How have I never seen this video?
1. JCap is so gorgeous that I want to die. Or just give up a kidney to be near her.
2. Sasha and JCap together... on screen. Starting at 2:17. It isn't much, but still... MAGIC!
3. 4:31... Really kinda jealous... not gonna lie.
4. 6:04... JCap is so hilarious and adorable.

JCap, you are hot. Let's make babies.
(The sound does cut out twice on this one.)

Okay, let's be honest, that wasn't nearly enough Sasha...
So, let's look at how hott Sasha is pregnant... I remember when I used to think pregnant women looked kinda scary and gross. JCap and Sasha have definitely changed that...

I mean, seriously...

this woman...

is just so...

freaking gorgeous.

Alright, I just found these and couldn't wait until Friday to post them. So, sorry for the long post... I'm sure you're really upset with me :D

So, Edoardo and Sasha did a photoshoot for Woolrich. And this is how adorable they are...

How adorable is she in this pic? I know, right?

Coming tomorrow: Maurizona

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"No, Really... I'm Straight... ..."

No, really. I AM gay. And I'm embracing my lesbiosty (lesbionicsm?) more and more. And by that, I mean that it's getting harder and harder to hide my inner fangirl.

I have a bulletin board in my room. When I decorated it two years ago, in an effort to overcompensate, I covered the board with pictures of "hot" guys, well, and some family photos too... But men are slowly "falling off" of the board and women just happen to pop up in their place.
Here are some things I have that raised a few eyebrows...:

(Half of Colin Firth's face may or may not be obscured by another photo...)
What I say: I like the film. And Colin Firth... ...
What I mean: I like the film. And Julianne Moore. Scratch that. I LOVE Julianne Moore. And I like the film.

What I say: She's a great designer... And I like mayonnaise... ...
What I mean: Do you see her? Oh, and she's a great designer. But seriously, do you see her? I would lick mayonnaise off of her body. Gross, yes, but nonetheless true.

What I say: No, I didn't cut this out of a magazine for lesbians... Look at these friendly friends that are in no way affiliated with anything lesbian. And that one's in a band I like...
What I mean: At times, I think about doing horrible, horrible things to Rachel Shelley. And I do love Leisha/Uh Huh Her.

Yes, Rizzles is missing from my board. Because I don't print pictures off of my computer (too obvious as opposed to "Oh, I just found this in a magazine") and I'm apparently not reading the right magazines. Although the inside wallpaper of my cell phone... different story.

Also, the new part of Sasha Alexander's Beer With Duncan interview is up. So, go check that out at (Embedding is disabled or I'd put it up here)
She really is just always adorable...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Sasha Alexander and The Curse

And by "The Curse," I mean the title of the fifth episode of NCIS and Sasha's propensity for lesbian subtext. So, I doubt that I will have much, if any, lesbian subtext in future episodes (although Abby and Kate... "I'll show you mine if you show me yours."), but this episode... ripe with it. I seriously wasn't even watching for it.

Here's some random screencappage... I don't really know where in the episodes these took place, and didn't mark them so I would remember... I just watched and went, "Ooh, hottness!"
(Reminder: Click the screencaps for the enlarged view...)

Yeah... Maura would never wear that outfit... Just sayin'.

So, in this episode, the team finds the mummified remains of some Navy guy. He was dishonorably discharged because the Navy thought he stole a crapload of money and ran away. He left behind a wife and a daughter. Kate Todd went to go talk to the widow.

So, you could read into this scene as a little flirty and Kate being a little too interested in the case and the widow. But I'll let it slide and say that Kate Todd is just super caring.

The NCIS team thinks that the mummy had an accomplice that stole the money and killed him. Well, everyone but Kate, who thinks he was forced into it and then murdered.
So, we meet Melora Hardin's character. (By the way, LOVE her. I think she's gorgeous.) Melora's golfing at a really ritzy country club and Kate messes up her tee off (as in her golfing tee off... she doesn't get her actual tee, like T-shirt, off... not yet anyway...). They go to talk and have a drink. Scratch that. They go to talk, have a drink, and flirt.

Melora tells Kate that she didn't take the stolen Navy money, but she got a giant house, a nice car, etc. because she won big in the lottery. And she also makes it clear that she isn't married. Kate, of course, doesn't take her word for it (about winning the lotto, not the married part). Melora pulls out her laminated "winning lotto ticket." Kate is still skeptical as "anyone can laminate a losing lottery ticket." Melora says she has the newspaper clipping that tells of her win framed at home. She follows this up with, "Come on home with me, honey." Kate says, "Let's go."

It all comes out that Melora is a big liar. And that pisses Kate off. Not to mention the fact that Melora didn't call the next day. She was seduced by some woman with dirty blood money. Gibbs has Kate go down to the golf course again to con Melora into coming down to the... whatever the hell you call the place they work at. Melora doesn't want to at first and patronizingly calls Kate 'honey' again. Kate didn't mind it the first time, but that was before Melora failed to call.

So, Kate's pissed. And hot.

Kate gets Melora down to the... NCIS place. Melora figures out that they've got her nailed (not in that way) and she tries to leave. And Kate Todd's inner top comes out.




Seriously, that last screencap, so top-o-rific. And it really makes me wish I were Melora Hardin.

I'm a little bit in like with Kate Todd.