Saturday, May 7, 2011

No Pants, No Problem

I hate wearing pants. If you follow me on Twitter or know me in real human life, you know about my affinity for pantslessness.

Friend (on the phone): Do you want to go see a movie?
Me: Sure.
Friend: Okay, put on some pants and come over to my place.
Me: Shoot, you don't know me...
Freshman year of university, I rarely wore pants in my dorm (and my roommate often went without a shirt).
And this happened:
(Clarification: I was actually wearing basketball shorts that had crawled up my legs and are hidden beneath HewlittJackman [my laptop]. Sooo, I'm not really pantsless.)

Anywho, I decided to do a post about pretty ladies pantsless :)

Angie Harmon
Who doesn't love this pic of Angie?

Elisha Cuthbert

January Jones

Yvonne Strahovski

Sarah Shahi
(I'm sure my husband will once again make a snarky comment about how the words "Me in My Place" are pretty much on her ass, hee hee)

Alessandra Ambrosio
Yeah, she's my favorite Victoria Secret Angel for a reason...

Dana Delany

Amber Heard

Ashley Greene
I can totally forgive her for being in those Twilight movies...

Sasha Alexander
This was in my one NCIS post, but Sasha+no pants+gun=always approve
And I don't know if everyone caught this tweet:

Sure, it made sense in context, but still... ... :)


TtownAmstaff said...

Mmm sexy ladies pantsless, perv away noble followers on all pics except the first one...this is a no perving on my pixie zone ;)

MormonLesbian said...

^^^ She will totally cut you...

Kiley said...

Great post!!!

UndercoverDyke said...

Well, now I wanna take my pants off! But if I did everything I wanted to I'd we wearing Olive Prenderghast's corset. And I would NOT rock a corset.

nicole said...

haha i knew you would use that pic of Dana Delany :D

Anonymous said...

wow is all i can say. you find the best pictures of the hottest ladies

Traveler said...

It looks good and I think you should take the hint about "Me in My Place." There's my snarky comment, honey ;) I think girls in underwear are a puppy...or when old people kiss. Love you!