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Grey's Double Recap Extravaganza!

Can we briefly talk about how terrible of a lesbian I am that it took me over a week to watch the Calzona weddding "White Wedding" episode?

Anywho, on to the recapping madness!
I have to say that I love, love, LOVE The Colonel. And it all started with...
The Colonel: Why is the sperm donor here? I thought tonight was a family dinner.
Yeah, yeah, I actually consider Mark to be part of that crazy family, but I think there needs to be more of Callie and Arizona as a couple/parents/family/etc. I really just love the significance of what he said--Callie and Arizona are a valid couple, and he's looking out for his daughter and her interests.
So, Mark is giving this great little toast and The Colonel has grumpy on his face because of his feelings about Mark (which is adorable and awesome)...
...and Callie and Arizona are giving each other eyes. (Note: I love that JCap has amazing hair once again... I've missed it so)
Mark: ...the mothers of my child...
The Colonel: Oh for God's sake!
Me: Hee hee, love you.
Callie's Mom's Face: 'Mothers'? This blonde bootch is definitely not a mother.

Callie: Actually, um, we forgot to say grace.
Arizona: Grace? She passed away thirty years ago...

Callie's Pops, pulling the classic straight person move of, "Oh, my second cousin once removed is gay too!" but in a totally adorable and acceptable way: We sat next to a charming young man on the plane today. He said he was going with his partner to march at a parade for pride.
Arizona: Yeah... those are... good.

And Callie brings out the baby!Aaaand Callie's mom is too busy eating and disapproving of her daughter's life to hold the baby.
Okay, I am not mad at Callie's mom at all despite everything that happened in this episode because I do totally get where she's coming from and my parents are a lot like her and like Papa Torres was back in the day. But even my mom would hold my bastard child with two mommies... but then my mother loves babies more than anything and would starve for days on end to be able to hold a baby.
This is Callie's "You Don't Want to Hold My Bebe?" face:

*I looove Derek and Zola together, especially after I read Shonda's blogpost about Patrick Dempsey's superpower of all babies loving him.
This is McDreamy's "My Uterus is Aching for a Baby" face:

*Meanwhile, Arizona is with one of the African kids who is speaking Swahili to her.
Arizona's Face: Mmmhmmm, mmhmmm, mmmhmmm...
Arizona's Face: What the crap did he say?

*And this is how April deals with patients:

*I love how good of sport Callie is being about The Colonel's wedding planning business...
And more The Colonel's grouchiness towards Mark :)
(I also loved how Callie's pop said, "But if you call me your father in-law again, I'll knock you out.")
More Preciousness and Some Looking Into the Camera Action:
And Callie's Mom rejects the baby again...
Seriously, woman? Get over your issues because it's your adorable granddaughter. I can understand pretty much everything but this. It's a cute little baby!

Yeah, spending a lot of time with one's parents is... exhausting.
And @neggett requested this little lip-licking action:
I was, of course, happy to oblige.

Oh for cute:

*Teddy has been in a little "torn between two lovers and feeling like a fool" sort of situation, but not really...
Teddy: It's from Andrew, who is not my boyfriend.
Arizona's Face: Really now?

*If I hadn't been on a plane and in public, this scene would have made me cry like a little girl.
Regardless of how supportive my parents ever are with my sexuality, they will always feel like this. Just hopefully they would at least come to my wedding.

And Arizona comforting Callie will always be cute and amazing.

*Callie in rollers, asking for something borrowed (hott, right?):

*Baby Zola is so cute!!!

*If it were at home, I probably would have cried here too:
Me: Someone give this woman a hug!
Me: Oh yay! Mark is giving her one.
And Mark looks like a giant and Arizona looks like a pocket person here.
Related Note: I love how it was Mark that comforted her because Mark and Arizona's relationship kinda needs it.

*The wedding!

My first thoughts: Who are all these strangers at their wedding? When do they have time to make friends outside of the hospital? And why aren't there more lezzies, like that "whole circle of lesbian friends" that Arizona supposedly has?
That is seriously the best screencap there is of Meredith from that scene... I don't know why Ellen Pompeo couldn't make one normal, cute expression during it...
Note the Asian in the background playing the cello... How stereotypical can you get ;)

@neggett noted how the dude in the MerDer picture totally looks like he's checkin' out Derek's ass (click the pic to enlarge and see for yourself)

I don't know why they didn't announce the couple's first dance like the did for the father/daughter dance...
Maybe because this wasn't so much dancing as it was awkward swaying. And hardly even swaying...

The most awkward dancing I have seen in awhile:

First, how gorgey did Sandra Oh look at the wedding/reception with her hair, make-up, etc.?
Second, if you watch this scene with no sound, it totally seems like Teddy and Cristina seem like they are having a lovers quarrel.

Look! There are lezzie friends in the background!!!

Even if Callie's dad hadn't shown up, I'm glad they forget to skip the daddy/daughter dance because...
Look at how excited The Colonel is! That is beyond precious.

But then Callie is sad...
Luckily, Mark steps in to save the day...
Before Papa Torres steps in to really save the day.
Baby Zola is still cute.
But seriously... Meredith, honey, go to the wedding reception because people need to see that you can actually look pretty.

In other news, it totally bugs that Callie's wedding topper is the whitest person alive...

The three sets of dads with their daughters also would have totally made me cry if I were at home. I mean, seriously...

"I Will Survive" (i.e., just an excuse to post more screencaps of Callie and Arizona)
Lucy gets a job offer to kick some ass in Los Angeles with a couple of other girls.
Wait, Baylor is in Texas... What am I thinking about?

*So, MerDer have been trying to adopt little adorable Zola.
And Meredith is awkward (what else is new?)
And everyone can see it...
How most people are with babies:
^^How Meredith and I are with babies: "I don't know what to do with this."

*Anywho, earlier in this episode, one of the chicks from Africa started to have issues with her secret pregnancy so the team took her to surgery. And they find THIS:
Arizona: What's he doing here?
@neggett: I don't know, Arizona, what is he doing there? Why don't you ask him?

*Callie is finally back at the hospital kicking ass and breaking bones. But...
"Oh. Wait. What's that I hear? Oh, the baby's crying..." We can't go break bones.

Look how cute!!!
And I love, love, LOVE Callie biting at Baby's foot. My mother totally does that too.

*Meanwhile... Cristina is taking a little lookie-loo in a patient's lung and what does she find...?
Baby in the intestines!!!

*In other news, Arizona told Karev that he should consider going to Africa.
Now she's telling him that if he loves Lucy, he should stay and not pull an Arizona...

*Callie and Arizona come to collect their child...
And Arizona has slammin' hott boots...
But then the saddest thing in the world happens--Callie and Mark go off with Arizona trailing behind...
...but she's still wearing those slammin' hott boots.

In Other News: Grey's Anatomy finale TONIGHT

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