Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Greycap: It's a Long Way Back

No, I don't think she's cute. Why? Because she's a little rubber fake baby. BUT the teeny tiny hat and teeny tiny eyeshades are super cute.
*Here I had my Toy Story moment:
Me: The claw!!!

Me: That's an interesting face...
Me: Oh! And that's... That's also an interesting face that we shouldn't make again.

We are super happy about Callie moving her hand about.

Oh Lordy, Did that just happen... weird.

Arizona: Hey, you're awesome!
Mark: Look, Baby is doing stuff!
Callie: Good girl!
Me: Wait... Is this a dog now?

Callie wants to go look and love at her baby, but she can't.
Cristina: Are you giving me the finger?
Callie: Yes, I am.
Cristina: Good job.

*Arizona and Karev are looking at some scans of a kid that is really effed up. Karev wants in on the surgery.
Arizona: If you can get us to Africa...
Finally! @neggett and I have been waiting forever for them to mention Africa, you know that place Arizona is supposed to be (obviously I mean Arizona the doctor, not Arizona the state...)

*Cristina: She's mostly tubes and wires. And she looks more like a chicken than a baby. Like a featherless, beakless chicken. You wanna wait till she's cuter.
Callie: You are the worst godmother ever.
Cristina: You picked me!
(I actually thought she looked like a just whelped puppy, just uglier)

But Cristina is a kickass godmother because she gets the team to kidnap Callie and sneak her over to visit Sofia.

Callie to Sofia: I'm a little messed up too.
Me: Bright Side is at least you aren't made of rubber...

*Fast forward a bit...
Callie is being a total pain in the ass in PT.
And she's freaking out all over the place...

Callie: I can't hold the baby!
Arizona: I'm sorry.
Callie: Then bring me those balls, please.
Me: Isn't that how all this shenanigans started in the first place?

*In other news, Karev has been working to bring the African kids over to SGMW and is presenting his ideas to The Biscuit.
Yeah, all this disorganization is why April should be Chief Resident...

*In even more news, Baby Sofia needs surgery. And The Biscuit is going to let Arizona watch him in the O.R., which is pretty solid.
And April is ready to mount him right then and there...
*Fast forward again...
Callie is carting Cristina around.
Meredith asks what's up with that.
Callie: Cristina is my bitch.
But really, Cristina is the one that won, being carted about. And she adapts to it nicely:
Precious. Meredith is all snuggled up next to her.
And then Momma Arizona has to ruin the fun. Arizona: Hey! Everybody.Off.Now.
Seriously, she's all ready to start yelling at kids.

Yeah, Callie's been pushing herself too hard. She really needed Sassy Gay Friend to say, "What, what, what are you doing?"
But no, she's a stupid bitch that starts bleeding all over the place.
...and collapses...
*Back to Karev... He's trying to get the mom from Everybody Loves Raymond to give him money for the African kids.
Yeah, honey, you aren't gonna get any money making that face...

*So, Sloan was hanging out in Callie's surgery and Arizona was in Baby Sofia's and the two chatted away on their cell phones. Things weren't going so well with Baby Sofia so Arizona needed to take a moment.
But don't be cry, Arizona...
Everything's okay :)

*Fast forward again...

Okay, seriously, that is the look crazy women get before they run off and steal a baby...

*So, the stone's rolling on Karev's "Bringing the African Children to Seattle Grace Mercy West So I Can Win Chief Resident" Plan (wordy, yes). Arizona is super excited. Super.
And, what a surprise, Karev got a check from the cranky lady, saving his ass.
I just added these screencaps so you can laugh at the top right...

*The mothers lookin' at the baby :)
The Biscuit says they can take Baby Sofia home as long as she can sit in her carrier for awhile. Arizona and Sloan are happy because their baby is gonna dominate at sitting.
Okay, I advise you to click on these screencaps and look at the last one... Isn't Arizona the most adorable human being ever?!
*So, this whole episode, Teddy has been cute and hanging out with Scott Foley, leading him on... but no... Therapist Dude had to roll back into town, leaving Scott Foley sad and alone.
Maybe he'll grow a really long beard in a short amount of time... If you don't get that, go watch Scrubs.

*Baby Sofia gets to go home!!!
And Callie is not excited...
Arizona's Face: Ruh-roh!
She's stressed out about taking the baby home and so Bailey does what she does. She tells her that she's just freaking out because she's a mom now and that's normal.
Moral of the Episode: Squirrels are after yo' baby.
*Aaaand YAY the whole family is going home :)
(Also, Arizona is rockin' some hott boots)

In other Grey's news, Calzona wedding!!!

In other blog news, I have a hott post planned that will be up... someday soon :)


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I love the Scrubs reference.

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For some really weird reason this made me laugh more than is probably socially acceptable. Might be the fact that it's midnight. Maybe.

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